In The Past, We Find The Future

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Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 9:48 PM

“The principals that we fought for in this past war do not exist in McMinn County. We fought for democracy because we believe in democracy but not the form we live under in this county.”

— GI speech reported in  Daily Post-Athenian, 17 June 1946, p. 1

(Thank You Jim for the attachment) ” Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November”


(I’ve spent a great deal of time looking into past documents stored with The Library Of Congress that were passed.  The following is one such document.)  “An Act for a more speedy reoranization of the the states of Virginia, Mississippi, an Texas and for other purposes (Notice the military in charge of everything.  That was the Lieber Code which we are still under)

Here is another “An Act to Facilitate the Collection of a Direct Tax in the State of Delaware”  (Why did the mandates of the original Constitution need enforcing? Because this is an example of Congress taxing property within the states.  Say good-bye to an allodial title and now you know how it started.)

(Here is actually how Congress is to be funded) “An act to amend existing laws relating to internal revenue, and for other purposes”  (They still tax alcohol and tobacco while busy funding grants to the states to punish purchasers.)



Lockheed Martin’s Ceo Wants Your Social Security Check  The law that created the deficit committee also created a zero-sum game: Any expensive program that escapes the budget knife does so at the expense of cuts to other programs. If the military contractors succeed in keeping the war budget intact, they’ll likely do so at the expense of Social Security and Medicare.

Congress wants to ban fictitious online names to enforce fear of death or silence  Right now those that use their real names may get themselves killed by Mexican drug cartels, bullied by trolls, receive death threats, receive censorship enforcement under federal courts, U.S. layoffs up 14% in August

The number of layoffs across the United States reached 1,587 in August, involving 165,547 workers,

New World Trade Center To Be Made With Glass From China And Steel From Germany  The new World Trade Center tower will contain 250 tons of steel from Germany and the lower floors will be surrounded with blast-resistant glass from China.  ( “We Can’t Make It Here Anymore” Thank You Corporate Congress for making this song possible !!  There is nothing less to thank them for. )



(Thank You Austin for several links)

Tunnels to at least 13 underground bases being sealed off  At least 13 very powerful underground explosions rocked the United States Midwest in the last 48 hours.  They registered as small shallow earthquakes with the USGS. (I read the PCWorld News link earlier, now it won’t let me in, but this reads the same. )

Major Terrorism Drill “Operation Mountain Guardian” In Denver Near Elenin Alignment Dates (First, Elenin has broken up and is so small that it will probably not be visable from Earth, so forget that part.  I’m focusing on Denver) On Friday September 23rd, a large scale terrorism drill involving 81 agencies will take place in Denver, Colorado.

Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise to hold at Denver Today , Sept. 23,  2011  We wonder, why such a large-scale exercise is held, just four days before Obama arrives at Denver on September 27 and not only Obama (and his family). arrives in Denver,  also NASA is represented with International Space  Events,   (There is a military exercise ongoing, the prop plane transports have been leaving Silver City, for the last couple of days.)

Obama and Globalists cnvering on Denver D.U.M.B. for September 27, 2011 (Once again this link came up fine at PC World earlier today)

he (Obama) will be joining other Globalist leaders at the Denver New World Order headquarters.  You won?t see them because they will descend underground.  Why underground? (Notice the photo on the page, it a mural at the airport. )

The Denver International Airport of the New World Order  Twenty years and beyond not a single American could have comprehended that in the middle of the heartland where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, the Pale Horse of Death awaits your arrival.

The New World Order Denver Airport



(Thank You Jim for the link and comment)

I did remember this one; but apparently the audience doesn’t – damnit.  This country has forgotten that it ever had a spine when it comes to taking on these illegal-bastards in the uniforms of a state that no longer exists. . .  Police Punch Fan During Game, Fans Retailiate  (There was a time when we still had spines)

Revolt in Athens, Tennessee

The uprising was led by ex-GIs recently returned from battle, to discover dishonest election tactics and corrupt and crooked local government.

The Battle of Athens

On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it.


The Top Ten Myths in the War Agaist Libya  These top ten myths are some of the most repeated claims, by the insurgents, and/or by NATO, European leaders, the Obama administration, the mainstream media, and even the so-called “International Criminal Court”— (I’m pretty observant, in most videos showing hospitals (during the war) and the streets of Tripoli (pre war), it appeared a lot of new construction had been done, a far cry from Rush Univ. Hospital in Chicago that had holes in the walls and filth in every corner.)

9/11/01: WTC Hard Drives Show $100 Million In Criminal Trasfers Before Towers Fell (video)  Just another coincidence?)

General of all American Intelligence: 911 was a fraud!

Dear U.S. Jews, please don’t let Netanuahu deceive you Don’t be more patriotic than we are. Don’t do us any favors. It’s our blood we’re talking about.

(Happy Birthday again Jim, thanks for the link, a perfect birthday present for you. )

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel Dog Poet Transmitting…….  Oy Yez, Oy Yez, the Temporal Court of the World Public is now in session

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